Top 5 celebrities you dint know were poker players

Poker is not just a game, it is a lifestyle. The poker craze is spreading wide across India in recent times. In addition to the growing fascination towards poker, even Bollywood celebrities couldn’t resist. The game of cards has always been shown as a style statement in most of the Bollywood movies. Check out the stars that show off their style statement off the screens too. 

1. Aamir Khan

The Mega-star is known for his peculiar acting skills that stand out from others. He also stays prominent with his liking for poker. The actor is known for hosting poker parties regularly and he also admitted that he is an ardent online poker player.  In the Union Park Bungalow of the Actor, he has five tables that are completely dedicated to poker. This is where the poker parties are hosted more often for his friends, colleagues, and partners. 

2. Harman Baweja

Harman is a renowned actor who has shown his performances as the main lead in many Bollywood movies. Apart from being an actor, he is known as a poker beast on the poker circuit. He is not just a superstar, but a poker star too. 

He had won many top spots on the domestic felt. Some of the best to mention were the 2nd finish in the Dec 2010, IPC 10K Freezeout and 3rd in the April 2011, IPC 12K Head hunters. In addition to that, he also finished 7th in the IPC Dec 2011 30K Main Event. The passion for poker led him to own the Mumbai All Stars Franchise in Raj Kundra’s Match Indian Poker League. Even actor Shahid Kapoor is known to host poker parties along with Harman. 

3. Minisha Lamba

This beautiful woman has appeared in many Bollywood as well as south Indian movies. She has gained her name as one of the well-known female poker players in India by grabbing the second ranking in GPI India ladies POY. She let the crowd go awestruck with her dominance in IPC 15K Weekend Kickoff event of December’11 and finished third in IPC 5K WarmUp event.

4. Shikander Kher

The son of the star couple Anupan kher and kiron is said to hit the poker tables regularly for entertainment. He showcased his top-notch performance by finishing second in January 2013s 30K IPC Main Event. The actor had also tried his hand and gave an excellent performance in the Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament series’ 2012.

5. Rannvijay Singha

The popular actor and a youth icon is known as a shark in poker among the industry. He has been playing poker whenever he gets time to chase his passion for poker. Taking a step ahead, he has now partnered with Spartan poker, and acting as the brand ambassador for the same. 

There are many other celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Malaika Arora and many others who are big poker players in the Bollywood Industry.

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