How to get started with online real money poker games

The online real money poker games give you the best opportunity to turn your passion or even timepass into real money. Everything you need to do is find reliable online poker platforms with safe and secured money transfers to kick-start your poker journey. There are many reputed Indian poker platforms that provide you with a number of live games and poker tournaments. 

Before starting the game, you need to understand the basic rules and regulations of the game to play the game right. So, here is the list of things you need to know to get started with real money online poker games. 

1. Master the game 

There are many poker game types Texas Hold’em , Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Short Deck Hold’em, Razz, Chinese Poker. But Texas Hold’em is the king that is popularly known and widely played throughout the world.  Many apps and software are available to allow you to play from anywhere at any time with your desktop, laptop or even your mobiles and tablets. Some sites also provide you with sign up bonuses for you to get started. 

You should be above 18 to sign up with any legal poker platform. You can learn to play texas hold’em if you are a beginner. Learn the basics, betting, starting hands, hand ranking and simple winning strategies of the game before start playing. This community game is easy to start and also to win real money.

How to play Texas Hold’em?

Hole cards are the random face-down cards dealt to every player and the community cards are the ones that are placed face-up on the table for the players to pick, in order to get the winning combination.

Every poker game is about making the winning card combination with two hole cards and a fixed number of community cards. The player with the best combination wins the game. In Texas Hold’em, each player gets 4 hole cards initially and discards 2 cards. Then try to get the winning 5- card combination with the 5 community cards and 2 hole cards. 

2. Start practicing with freeroll tournaments

For the beginners or the ones who are new to online poker tournaments, it is better to start with a freeroll tournament that lets you win exciting free prizes. Playing and practicing does not just help you win prizes, but also builds your bankrolls and allows you to understand the nooks and corners of the game. The practice will help you get a complete understanding of the rules and also trains you to play it right from betting strategies to card prediction. 

3. Start grinding from low stakes to big buy-ins

Once when you consider yourself as a pro poker player, its time to step ahead and make the next lucrative move. Get in the real cash online poker tournaments with low stakes. Try your hand at cash tables with a lesser number of players. Most of the platforms allow you to choose the number of members on the table. It is better not to go beyond 9 players table initially for the safer side and then you can build your game up to many players table. Step up into high buy-in tournaments and win whooping prize pools. Winning ahead, you are now a poker pro to step graciously into 1000-2000 players table.  

Poker is a skill as well as luck involved game which needs dedication, focus and emotional control to win. Now you are ready to throttle up your poker journey. 


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